​Group Fitness 

Being part of a group fitness workout is a great way to keep motivated and achieve your health and wellness goals.

The Eastern Goldfields YMCA provides a range of classes from Yoga, Stretch and Circuit, to hard core strength classes such as Rev, Rip and Power Step- which means there is so much variety you'll never get bored! 

Class Descriptions


Yoga is ancient tradition which focusses on the connection between the mind and body. Using breath work, meditation and physical postures the classes are structured to create peace, balance and wellbeing whilst building strength throughout the entire body. The classes are Hatha Yoga and are open to all levels of fitness.

No previous yoga experience is necessary, however postures can be modified to suit experienced Yogis'.



REVOLUTION uses proven riding principles and matches music to resistance levels, riding speeds and riding positions to create a fun and effective way to cardio train on a bike. Simulating outdoor riding terrain, speeds and physiological challenge, this is an ideal training tool for indoor riders.

GET RIPPED.  The RIP program uses exercises from traditional strength training and matches movement to music to create a simple, fun and effective way to strength train.

POWER STEP. This is a 60 minute step program designed to push your cardio edge into high gear and attack the legs in every plane of motion, both on the step and on the floor. POWER STEP strengthens the heart, increases bone mineral density, improves coordination and tones the lower body, with every step you take. PUT POWER IN YOUR STEP!


CIRCUIT. A fast paced class in which you exercise for between 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move to another exercise. It's like a game of musical chairs: everyone begins at a station and when the instructor yells 'time!' everyone moves to the next free station. Classes alternate an aerobic activity (like step or stationary cycling) with muscle strengthening activities.


  • Casual - $10.00
  • Over 50 years old - $8.00
  • Members - available free as part of your membership


Please see our Group Fitness Timetable attached below.

******Classes are subject to change and cancel due to participation numbers.****